14 July 2008

Lazyweb: steam engine

There is a little project (probably not hard to guess what it is about) where my own research was not enough, so I see no option than asking in the open: I need to take a photo of a steam engine (locomotiva cu abur), so does know about one in Bucharest? The condition for it is to look decent and for me to be allowed to take a photo.

The only one I am aware of (a couple of engines, in fact) is the one placed in front of the "Deopul Bucureşti Călători", on Calea Griviţei, but that one is really bad:

[steam engine]

I may try to get creative with angles and use my GIMP skills as much I can, probably de-emphasize the nearly building and the street elements, but no angle and no GIMP wizardry can make-up for the fact that the engine has no wheels and there is no railroad:

[steam engine]

There may be another one ar the CFR Museum (Muzeul CFR), but usually you are not allowed to take photos inside a museum.

I also have a "plan B" if I can't find one, but I am not sure my contingency plan is good enough (it involves an over the top metaphor and massive GIMP surgery).


  1. I have some pictures of the GeorgeTown Loop Railroad in Colorado, US that am willing to send you. Drop me an email and I will send them back.



  2. There's a nice one in the Brasov railway station and another one in Sinaia or Busteni, can't remember which. Use it as an excuse for a "field trip" :)

  3. I found this on Flickr, licensed CC-BY:


    Not sure if that's exactly what you're looking for or not.

  4. thank you everybody, I will go with a photo Kevin sent me privately.