22 July 2008

Fedora 10 themes - round 1

The first round for proposing theme concepts for Fedora 10 has ended. Before commenting, please keep in mind that the purpose of this round was to gather concepts, unfinished sketches, so do not expect polished images, use your imagination to extrapolate where they can be driven (with your feedback). This is partly why I use such small thumbnails, to make the reader follow the links, read more and see more.

The list is ordered chronologically, I have an entry here and I don't want to play favorites here (I can and did use other posts to root for it). The thumbnails are selected by me, so take them with a grain of salt (and do follow the links) and the description are quotes from their respective wiki pages (not all have a proper description, too bad for the submitters):


"In the naming contest for Fedora 9, Batisphere (see Wikipedia ) was a popular name, second to the final choice, Sulphur. From this "old but cool technology" concept, came the idea to feature the technology aspect of Fedora (technology advancement is one of the primary goals of our distro) by using a steampunk aspect. And as steampunk is represented by steam engines and clockworks, a Gears theme seems fit."

gears gears gears

Blue Fire

blue fire


"Everything in the computer breaks down into binary 1 and 0 symbols. Whether it is art, code or text, the very atomic building blocks are always the same. Yet their arrangement forms structures of greater beauty that the sum of their parts. The theme attempts to present (on a microscopic level) the formation of something large and complex from components that are very simple."

binary binary binary


"This theme plays with an idea that the ten (ten points) is the first *border* (decimal exponent == 1) to higher numbers up until the infinity, dice like a symbol of the variability."

dice dice


"After some IRC discussion, we three decided to co-op this theme idea, and will all submit our own stuff and mortal combat it out later"

neon neon neon

Wing Anatomy

"Wings perfectly symbolize stability, balance and freedom. The anatomy of the wing focuses on the well formed shape of the wing. A wing is curved in an optimal aerodynamic shape; it is light, but yet strong. The feathers are organized in a most effective way: vibrant, messaging to reach for infinity."

wing wing wing


"The bits I thought were most important to the theme were the roots extending below the ground, and the flowers appearing on the branches of the tree. If you want to get all deep and meaningful, I guess the roots could represent the solid base that Fedora is building on: the concepts of free software and open community; the flowering branches represent Fedora's rapid growth and all the new ideas that we're bringing into the world all the time :)"

eden eden eden


"I've created the "invinXble" theme thinkin about this is the 10 version of this distribution. I've thinked to the difficulties founded on the road, but the project doesn't quit, and, if sometime it may be falled it raised up strongest than before. Fedora had to fight to reach this point, so we can say Fedora it's Invincible, or better invinXble. I play with the name, yes. :D"

invinxible invinxible invinxible


"My creative path was: 1) start thinkin to the "Perfect System" meaning a good, right working OS. 2) I think to find something in nature representing some Over-good working System 3) Idea! I said... The Solar System blinks in my mind. Solar System... and then the step was so short... - SOLAR, simbolizing the centre of the universe, the engine of our galaxy, the light in big shadows."

solar solar

Libera Programaro

"A futuristic / sci-fi theme. The idea here is, literally, computing "with no strings attached"....or, translated into Esperanto: Libera Programaro."

libera libera

Simmetrical Freedom

"he concept is the perfection that simmetry can offer with the freedom power of the possibilities of forms and states that it can take and reborn inside the same thing."

symmetrical symmetrical


"Envisioning Fedora (blue) as part of a continuous spectrum. It is influenced by a variety of users of different backgrounds and ideas working together. They leave their mark on Fedora, and vice versa, affecting and complementing each other in an ongoing cycle."


Now you can help us decide what will make to Round 2 and how the images will evolve, to not hesitate and talk to us (the mailing list is the preferred medium and the best place you will be heard by the right people). Do not be afraid to say even that all the current proposals sucks, we already heard that, plenty of times, you won't shock us (and we won't completely ignore you if you say that).


  1. I really love invinXble and Solar. Blue Fire's nice but can't compete with the other two. Everything else...well, I just don't like them.

    Normally, I would say something about what needs to be improved on a certain theme or what is great already. This time, I just can,'t.

    For me, invinXble and Solar don't look like round 1 but more like final. And everything else looks near-to-be-finished as well, but just doesn't match my taste.

    Once again, the art team has done exceptionally good work. I wouldn't be able to choose which one should be the final theme for F10 - I'd wish the themes that make it to round 2 but won't be the final F10 theme would go for another try with F11.

    PS. I'm not subscribed to the art list, so I posted here instead of there. If you wish, you're free to copy & paste this comment to the list.

  2. Oh, btw...I forgot that in the previous comment: thanks for the quick overview, that was really helpful/interesting!

  3. LOTS of great entries! Impressive


  4. No worry, I will do a recap of all the feed back received on the list.

  5. "Now you can help us decide what will make to Round 2 and how the images will evolve, to not hesitate and talk to us (the mailing list is the preferred medium and the best place you will be heard by the right people)

  6. Yup, do not expect all the contributors from the Art Team to read all the comments here, so if you want to be sure you are heard, use the list.
    Otherwise, here is not such a bad place either...

  7. Beautiful Work !!

  8. great roundup mate

    I'm going to try and crossbreed neon and spectrum for round 2. I reckon they need eachother

    neon needs the texture.. spectrum needs the shapes...


  9. Great post Nicu :) While I proposed Eden and think it could work really well, I'm not sure the Art team has the interest in working on it, and I'm certainly no artist!

    Anyhow, in the absence of Eden, I'd like to give my vote to Spectrum, I think this could be very cool, and we could even push the 80s look with it...

    I should probably send this to the art-list at some point too.

  10. In my opinion, Solar is the most beautiful one among those candidates. I love it. :)

  11. Solar, all the way. It keeps with the Fedora culture and looks beautiful.