17 July 2008

My Fedora Weekly Webcomic: The Incident

I won't comment about "the incident" at this time, there are lots of labels, flames and reactions about it. But I can draw some inspiration from it.

[fedora webcomic - the incident]


  1. I believe the Yaakov's post after the French install fest has been read ;-)

  2. If you can't see the difference between talking about an object and taking upskirt pictures of a woman without her consent then we have all lost.

    Tell me something, if you had actually gone up to that girl and showed her the picture and said you were going to post it on the Internet how do you think she would react? I don't think saying "oh but I'm not going to post your face" would have been any better either.

    The funny thing is you are acting like the victim here and obviously placing your own dignity before that of another human being who just happen to be on the same bus as you. Out of anything that is what makes me have little respect for you at this moment.

  3. This is your response?


  4. Nice answer! Don't listen to all the retards out there!

  5. too bad it WASNT ACTUALLY AN UPSKIRT PHOTO so you wouldn't actually have been able to see if it was a Fedora thong or not :-p


  6. LOL!
    Go Nicu, Go!
    Smash these moronic hypocrites.

  7. I for once am glad it was not an actual upskirt photo, since that would make it pretty much a punishable offense in much of the countries I've been to. The "incident" photo, this comic, and a few others (with the "sexy" busty blonde) on this blog appear to me to be objectifying women and being sexist. Yes, that is not a punishable offense, but it gives a context to when people go wondering how we don't have more women contributing to Fedora.

  8. perhaps it would make an interesting experiment to link to this blog on as many softcore and voyeur forums as possible
    it might attract more people to fedora, to linux and foss - yet again it might not

    @ peter lemenkov :
    others have justified the blog author using a nickname or anonymously, though sometimes providing at least some argument
    but doing so by calling others moron hypocrites without any further argument, using your own identifiable name is exceedingly manly and kewl, isnt it? :-/

    so much for the level of a discussion attainable with free sw guys, respect is not given -> respect is not deserved

  9. nicu, it'd be better you just deal with fedora on this blog
    dwelving more and more in this "upskirt" affair ( especially since you dont seem to get the point of those who criticize you ) just worsen the impression that visitors get of you and the project

  10. Sexism is not even on the radar when it comes to why girls do not contribute.

    Typical sport clubs have a lot of sexism and they are swarmed by girls/women.

    I was living with a linux girl for some years. It looked like it was totally different reasons than sexism.

    First of all: I have never met a real hardcore geek girl in my life. How many computer people I have met? Thousands on several continents the last 20 years.

    I met some that have some interests, but no one that really dedicates their time to debugging, testing, coding, and so on.

    Many have it as job, but many of the guys I have met have it as a lifestyle instead of a day job.

    I might not agree with the original blog, but this one message do not make any difference when it comes to girls and open source.

    It might be girl like Alan Cox in the world, but I have never seen one.

  11. You have serious issues.

  12. It's a shame you don't get it. And it's a shame that I know why. And it's a real shame that in spite of Romania now being part of the European Union, you're obviously light years away in spirit.

    Iti multumesc ca mi-ai adus aminte de ce cateodata mi-e rusine ca sunt romanca.

  13. Eu as zice sa sint milioane demotive de a-i fi cuiva rusine ca este român.