21 July 2008

FLOSSCamp 2008 - Romania

[floss camp]At the initiative of the Grupul pentru software liber (the Group for Free Software) there is an event organized in Romania for the first time this year: FLOSS Camp, on 29-30-31 August at Păltiniş, with the ideea to "take out of their houses all the people wanting to discuss or to exchange ideas and opinions about Free software".

So I guess everyone is invited - it is an offline event, there won't be Internet access and most likely not even electric power, but a couple of days away from our computers should be good, healthy and refreshing.

If nothing really brutal happens, I plan to attend and will share impressions about it (good thing it is not the same week end as FUDCon, for which I still have to make a decision for myself).

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