18 July 2008

Do NOT send me your CV - or About open communities

One of the administrative tasks I try to follow is keeping a bit sane the Art group membership requests queue in FAS (a job that hopefully will become a lot easier): I send a mail to the applicants inviting them to the mailing list and showing the open tasks queue, which is rarely followed. But this is boring and I already talked about it in the past, now to the meaty part...

Yesterday was a full day, probably the day with the most requests received in one day so far (interesting, the bulk of requests came from the Middle East) and, the interesting part, after one of welcome messages I received, on my private address, a CV.

This in not how one should introduce himself to an open community (like Fedora in general and the Art Team in particular are), you join the mailing list, say "Hi" and maybe a few words about you. And in the Art Team case, a link to some website hosting a few graphics made by you do not hurt.

We are not that formal to require a CV, we are a community of (I believe) friendly people. And, in any case, if you want to send a CV, do not send it to me, I am a notorious asshole (or so are some people trying to google-bomb my blog).

Since I received the CV, obviously I did a quick read and sent some observations back: in our case (Fedora Art) in interesting the experience with graphics FOSS applications (GIMP, Inkscape, Blender), so if you send your CV, it should better have a mention about them. And not be in .doc format.

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  1. Clearly you need to start charging for format-translation services.