09 July 2008

A walking little guy

Usually I do not follow requests for graphics coming from random people for projects I am not interested in, as anyone else my plate is more than full. But this time is a small, GPL licensed little web game, so I may have a bit to spare and here is a quick animation (made frame by frame with Inkscape and animated with GIMP):


Now if I find some time to animate the guy walking in the other 4 directions... and 5 monsters (animated too)... and some walls and obstacles... and power-ups... Uh! I told you my plate is full...


  1. You might want to try the Synfig Animation Studio, that will get rid of the laborious per-frame work and allow you to focus on keyframes and shapes.

    Zero developers ATM, but very cool. Doesn't interface with SVG too well though :(

  2. I am familiar with Synfig only from screenshots and it does not looked like I can draw as freely as I do with Inkscape.
    Another disadvantage: it is not packaged for Fedora.

  3. There are unofficial packages for Fedora, check the download page.

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