16 July 2008

Pink - or how (not) to sell computers

I started to crave for a recently released ultraportable notebook (a certain model), thinking seriously about buying one. What's the problem? The local sale strategy.
I won't complain about the global strategy (even if there is enough room to complain: only a Windows version is available, to be followed only after a couple of months by the Linux counterpart, which will be underpowered - less RAM an poorer battery).

My complaint is about local sales: all the stores offer only the pink version (rumours say black and white are supposed to be available in a couple of weeks). Like they want to get rid of the unwanted stock. Stupid move, who want to be seen in public using a pink laptop? They should have manufactured less units in this color.

And a second complaint: almost all sellers are giving a crappy 1GB MP3 player as "gift" with the purchase. Except one seller (which does not have any in stock), which has a lower price. Hoe lower exactly? With the MP3 player's price, so the "gift" is another way to get rid of an undesired product (you know, like I was a kid, under the communist regime and when you wanted to buy food were forced to also buy some undesired crap and help the store to report exceeding "the plan").


  1. > who want to be seen in public using a pink laptop?

    Especially since some asshole will be there to photograph it using a cameraphone. ^^

  2. Ha, ha, ha! good one, Kevin!