20 May 2010

Fedora at Libre Graphics Meeting

This year the Fedora Design Team will have a strong presence at the Libre Graphics Meeting in Brussels, including a presentation about our team and designing with Free tools in an Open community, scheduled on Thursday 27 May 2010 from 17:30 to 18:00. Come to see the awesome presentation (me humble? never!) and meet those ass-kicking guys:


Martin, true hacker and awesome guy, who learn quantum physics, design, code and package for Fedora and also learn Japanese.


The energetic Pierros, charismatic Fedora Ambassador and a new and valuable acquisition of the Design Team.


And lastly, Nicu, the troll that everyone loves to hate (me humble? never!) and one of the old farts in the team.

WE will be there for the entire conference, so even if you can't attend the presentation, come at any time to meet us, talk about stuff and maybe get some design work done. And, most important, drink some fine Belgian beers.


  1. Awesome! I would like to see these guys!

  2. And we would love to hang around with you too, Jayme