17 May 2010

Model releases and Free licenses

Even if at a slow pace, the ongoing debate about needing model releases for using photos of people in Fedora while still preserving our Freedom foundation is advancing and even if I try to play knowledgeable there, the cold reality is I have my own dilemmas.

Here's one: I have signed forms for a recent photo session (with nudity, when getting enough time will post some in an appropriate place) allowing me full use ("any legal purpose" for me and "those acting with my permission"). At the first sight, this looks pretty much like me having the right to put them out under a Free license, say CC-BY-SA. Still, a bit later, in the model rights section, a few restrictions kick in: I can't use the photos in a malicious way to harm the model and I can't use them in a pornographic way or in pornographic montages (the photos are nude, not pornographic, but with photomanip, the sky is the limit). So now it looks like I can't use a Free license for the photos, the restrictions are incompatible.

This thing about photos, freedom and rights is really hard, I am not sure about the best way to make everyone happy and still be Free.


  1. Ca sa nu mai ai dileme, lasa nudurile! Scrie de Linux ca e mai entertaining! :)

  2. Anonymous: da, poate o sa scriu despre cum se prelucraza nudurile cu GIMP in Linux, dar ca sa pot face asta trebuie sa trec de dilemele de licentiere.

  3. One possible solution is that the model and the photographer release the pictures together under a free license. Maybe something like CC-nd together with a note that some remixes are allowed (non harfull, non pornographic, non whatever).

    That would allow maximum freedom for the community, protect the model and avoid legal hassle.

    But: I am not a lawyer :)

  4. but CC-ND is not Free, that would defeat the purpose and adding notes would make using a CC license useless.