28 May 2010

One for the team

Waking-up in the second day of LGM 2010 was really hard, we arrived late and missed a good part of the first presentation of the day, "Diffusion Curves in Inkscape".

However, on the positive side, today seems to be a nice, warm and sunny day in Brussels and in the place next to the conference location we stumbled upon a colorful bazaar where I had the opportunity to take a photos with tasty strawberries for those members of the Fedora DEsign Team who are not here with us (we have some big strawberry fans in the team).



  1. Not fair!!! Did you eat some for me? :)

  2. Unfortunately one such box is too much for me and I don't have someone to share here, the guys are more into the beers (not that there is something wrong with the beers :p )