28 May 2010

Real Ubuntu bashing

Some people are unhappy with the supposed "Ubuntu bashing" happening on my comic but let me tell about some real Ubuntu bashing (I can't show right now, since the video is quite large - 20 minutes/420 MB in the h.264 format made by my camera, the netbook can convert it to Ogg Theora in ~4 hours and then have to upload it from a conference place): during the Fedora Design presentation the other day we never said words like "Ubuntu", "other distros", "competition" or such, were talking straight about what and how are we doing. Still, after the talk many people in the audience were enthusiastic: "thet's how the design for a distro should be done" ...the second part in their minds, "not like Ubuntu' was never said by me or Martin.

PS: yes, I will say now those words - when attending the 10.04 release party unhappy, I saw the people there unhappy with the design decisions and the way they are made - Cathedral style, behind closed doors.


  1. The Ubuntu user base is known for their inability to handle any amount of criticism, however small and constructive.
    Design decisions in Ubuntu are like the Ford Edsel: exactly what Shuttleworth, Remnant & co. think everyone wants, but disastrously far away from what people out there really want.
    No need to be diplomatic about unacceptable behavior - let's call a spade a spade.

  2. Let's hope they don't introduce a talking paper-clip to guide users through the interface in the next Ubuntu 10.10.

  3. You never know what's good for you :)
    One thing is for sure, Ubuntu innovates.

  4. @ sushkov ... In that fashion *everything* is innovation.. even moving to Slack :P

  5. I look forward to the presentation video.

    If you really wanted to rock my world... you could make a highlights video from any candid footage of LGM that you have and mix in the appropriately CC licensed music as the soundtrack.


  6. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Ubuntu bashing and engage in it myself, just wondering your reasons for doing so, being a Fedora contributor.