01 May 2010

Inkscape work

May Day is supposed to be a holiday, when you sit down and do nothing or, at most, following the Romanian tradition, eat grilled mititei and drink beer. Still, I felt like working today and created my most complex work in Inkscape so far: a detailed portrait, something unusual compared with my usual simplistic and sketchy style.


Also unusual was me doing such work on the small display of the netbook, as opposed to the big, fat LCD attached to the desktop I consider the only possible tool for any serious work.

The image is based on some photography I took a few weeks ago, so thanks to the model for being beautiful and cooperative and also thanks to Tatica for helping me with a few advices in the polishing stage.


  1. this is an excelent work. Not everyone can draw using vectors and this is a WIN.

    Really amazing

  2. Even if this type of work was out my comfort zone (trying something that's not my usual style), I don't think it involved very much skills, only patience and determination (I used a photo as reference)

  3. Her upper lip is lighten that the lower lip ;))

  4. Brighter... Lost in translation. dammit.

  5. The lighter pink is intentional... is about how the light falls (I used a photo as reference). Also, IIRC she was not wearing any make-up, we were shooting in a forest and the idea was to be natural.