29 May 2010

LGM 2010, Day 2

Is 01:49 in the morning and I am tired, still, tomorrow is going to be a full day so I don't know how much time available will get I'm going with a late-night post. As I don't plan to compete on blogging verbosity with Pierros and Martin started blogging too, i will resume myself at dumping a bunch of photos and leaving the audience to fill the 1000 words for each.


The day ended with Rejon's birthday party, where, amongst other things, I had the opportunity for a chat with such great people like Garrett, AndyFitz or Jimmac, from who I learned a lot along the time. We left the party late, after the subway stopped running, and had to do a walk in the city from the conference location to the Fedora's Brussels secret lair... so here I am, half asleep and rushing a blog post...

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