30 May 2010

LGM 2010, Day 3

The third day of LGM was a tough one, I wasn't able to write about it at the end of the day (still, I managed well, some of us not only overslept, but AFAIK they are still sleeping now), so here I am, on the conference room, listening to Rejon' presentation and doing my blogging...

The day started with quite a cultural shock for me, didn't expected to see such a bazaar on the streets of the Western Europe:


But back at the conference... the highlight of the day for me was the opportunity to listen to presentation from I people who I respect for a long time and learned a lot from, Jimmac talked (unfortunately a bit too general) about creating icons with Inkscape:

Alexandre Prokoudine presented a free solution for digital photography;

And AndyFitz making the audience enthusiastic with his Inkscape world domination talk:

It was also the day for the traditional group photo, where everyone was invited (it was a bit rainy outside, but we didn't really care):

Late in the night we went to the movies: the Blender team gave us a preview of their upcoming animation film, Sintel and the audience was charmed (I will deny any rumour about someone sneaking a pocket camera, recording [pirating?] everything [while the developers looked the other way and putting their fingers in the ears to not hear anything about pirating] and planning to release it on the net)

And of course, we partied late in the night with the Blender/Project Durian people, why else would be so hammered in the morning?

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