09 May 2010

Even more fantasy Inkscape work

After the time spent last week-end (the May Day week-end) inkscapping fantasy drawings proved a relative succes, it seemed like a good idea to spend this week-end (my sad birthday week-end) inkscapping more of the same: a winged fairy.

This time I went back to my usual, less realistic, more cartoon style, not only because I was down and busy with a commercial gig (also drawing fantasy stuff) but because this way I feel more at home (quick poll, answer in the replies: which style do you like better?).

winged fairy

Note: in the preview I added the mosaic to keep the prudes silent and my ass covered from authorities, click on it and you may get blind...


  1. Prea multe nuduri. Prea putin Linux.

  2. @Anonymous: nudurile sint facute in Linux... got it?