19 May 2008

Fedora 9 - Romanian Release Party

The subject says all: Sunday 18 May we had a small Release Party for Fedora 9 in Bucharest. First I will scare you with a few ugly photos made with my phone (resized from GIMP so they are not that ugly):

[f9 ro] [f9 ro] [f9 ro]

As you can see, we had an live USB creation station, free stuff (install DVDs, stickers) and even some beer after the event.

But fear not, there are better photos coming, the first batch from Adrian is hosted on our official gallery (more form him later tonight):
[f9 ro] [f9 ro]

Expect this space to get updated with more links as I'll find the photos taken by other people.

Update: some meaty photos from wolfy, showing not only people but also snippests from the presentations:
[f9 ro] [f9 ro] [f9 ro] [f9 ro]

Of course the party was not trouble-free: of course we had problems with the internet pipe, of course everybody who brought the laptop forgot to check the installation of the livecd-tools package and of course everybody expected it to be on the install DVD (is not), but in the end everything got solved. And it was fun.

And BTW, here is the obligatory (aren't you tired of it already?):

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