14 May 2008

Translating Fedora into Romanian with Narro

You may remember when I talked is some older posts about how awesome Alexandru Szasz is, now here is the latest cool thing he is up to and which I think deserve recognition: he just added Fedora in his web-based translation tool, Narro, for translation into Romanian:

[narro translation tool]

Just for kicks, I translated about 100 Fedora strings and it was a snap (well, I have already used the tool, translating for Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice.org). There is an initiative to get the Romanian community involved in this and maybe (just maybe, it is early to say) get something ass-kicking for F10 (not that hard, the translation is currently at 39% from about 15000 stings).

In a somewhat related matter, I dis a "fedora translation" search on Google and got amused by the sponsored link shown at the top of the page (the one on yellow background). I guess that's so-called "friendly competition"...
[fedora translation search]

And jumping to an unrelated matter (is it really unrelated?) that's today's counter:


  1. tag-ul cu linkul către Alexandru Szasz e greșit. Ai "a hef="http://" ... trebuie "href".

  2. Merci... ingrozitor cit de des fac greseala asta si maninc "r"-ul din href...