13 May 2008

Just a few more hours...

I am not a fan of their music, but when when I learned about the second album released by NIN under a CreativeCommons license, I fired up by BitTorrent client to download and see what's about it.
But starting the client activated the seeding for my previous uploads, with an interesting surprise:

torrent downloads

Guys, stop downloading the pre-release ISOs, those are ooold... the real deal is going to get live in a few hours, just wait a bit. Or, if you can't stand the heat, use a leaked torrent, they are all over the place, but make sure to verify the SHA1SUM before installing... (me taunts my buddy who refuses to use a leaked torrent and tries to find an unprotected FTP and continues seeding the previews, they will get yum update'd tot he final version).

Oh, and I didn't forgot (yet):
[9 days]


  1. You might want to point your buddy there:

    that's the only unprotected FTP server in Europe AFAIK. Didn't check the mirrors outside Europe.

  2. Thanks!
    He wants the media for the release party...