21 May 2008

Narro for beginners - screencast

As the title says, it is a screencast, which is narrated in Romanian, so it may not be that useful for my English readers, but if you find it useful, just ask for a transcript and one can easily do a voice over in another language.

At the recent Romanian Fedora release party one of the speaker was Alexandru, who talked about his web-based translation tool, Narro and how it can be used to translate Fedora and other FOSS applications.
Those reading my blog probably know that I like Narro, so as promised at the release party, I did a screencast for beginners (OGG Theora video):

[narro screencast]

At my suggestion, Alexandru added today Inkscape to the various programs which are included in translation, so there may be hope for having this application translated into Romanian, just watch the screencast and get contributing to the translation (Fedora, Inkscape, GIMP, Firefox, OpenOffice.org, whatever you like).

In other news, something is really close, with only one day remaining:

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