22 May 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Webcomic 2.0

As disappointing as it may be, my countdown has ended and it was related to my webcomic... sorry if you had greater expectations :D

Anything that's put on the web is measurable and the measurements for my Fedora webcomic showed unsatisfactory results, so I had two options either to drop it or make it better. Being excessively stubborn, dropping was not an option so the only way remaining was trying to improve, and as I can't improve the humor (as it defines me as a person) I worked on the graphics. So here is today's edition:

[fedora webcomic 2.0]

Along with the new graphics, I came with a new process, based on a clipart style, with pre-defined images which can be quickly assembles in a comic strip. I also introduced a new website for the webcomic, showing the latest issues (extracted from my blog) but also a number of goodies: the Romanian translation but, probably more important, what I like to call the cast of characters, a page containing a number of characters I imagined I could use, with full source available as SVG and a short description (this can be improved) and also a lot of images which can and will be used: items, emotions, strip templates (all with the corresponding sources), so anyone can create his own webcomic.

Here is a teaser:
[fedora webcomic]


  1. I like how i can zoom your svg strip in Firefox and not loose any clarity.

  2. Yup, that's the beauty of using vector graphics (SVG). But there is a downside too - the font is not embedded in the SVG so probably it will not work as intended (or as the PNG) and there are a few glitches in text positioning.

  3. What if you turn the text into paths then?
    Slightly bad for screen readers I guess, but it will make the text render better.
    Yay for SVG on the web!
    - Andreas Nilsson

  4. On top of that, converting to paths will lose the ability to translate and will increase the file size.