27 May 2008

A meme enabled Planet

There are a lot of cool things about the new and simplified procedure to get added on Planet Fedora but what's the coolest one?

It is not that we avoid a human bottleneck, like Seth may gets abducted by aliens, brainwashed and decide to play a Jeff Waugh on us, we know and trust Seth.

It is not that Planet Fedora gets more open, empowering its contributors even more, lowering the barrier to entry and showing, once again, what an open community should be.

And it is not that this will filter out some people who got aggregated by chance, without being really Fedora contributors.

The coolest thing is that Planet Fedora just got meme enabled.

 Do you remember a few years ago when all the rage on various Planet aggregators was to use South Park characters as hackergotchis (made with an online Flash tool)? Some planets still use them...

Of course the South Park meme is old, but we can be kittens, astronauts, ninjas, rock stars, robots or whatever else is the meme of the week just by changing one line in a .planet file. So start your memes...

Note: it would be cool if we had a tool to create characters, like a skinable web application or skins for a potato game (to bad KTuberling is KDE and not in the default desktop).

For those who do not want to play memes, just have a plain hackergotchi, just make your image fit visually the layout of Planet Fedora, that means an icon of about 96x96 pixels, we have currently a few which are a bit too large making the aggregator look kind of buggy. And do not forget we are running a service for those who can't do their own hackergotchi, do not hesitate to ask.


  1. Would MeMaker fit the bill?*

    *never used the damn thing

  2. Correct, MeMaker looks like it could fit the bill, but I am not sure about its status.
    Some months ago I talked with its developer about providing graphics but without a Fedora package and no obvious way to use the application, I have not pursued the matter waiting for code and packaging improvements.