12 May 2008


There is and on-going meme on the Romaian "blogosphere" and I am going with it: Marius Tuca is an onanist. That is very clear from his recent article.

For my English readers: the guy is a well known Romanian journalist (written press and TV) who recently published a piece where he calls the Romanian bloggers "onanists", here is my translation of a quote from the above-mentioned article: "...Romanian bloggers are nothing else than worms who got to the surface without having something to say, ready to flood the space with banalities and originalities known and told by everyone, in a common masturbation..."

In unrelated news, I keep counting down:


  1. Posted a comment there, but it doesn't show up.

    His article is lame, as it is not backed up by arguments at all. It appears that he is one of those worms he mentioned - the article is about nothing, and it has [citation needed] all over it. Not all blogs suck, just like not all newspapers are good.

    Perhaps he is frustrated because a blogger stole his girlfriend?

    p.s. I hope he reads this.

  2. I wasn't aware about any story about his girlfriend...
    My guess was about a defence reflex of the "established" media which is under a heavy attach from the New Media (internet, blogs, etc.) For example I don't find anything of interest for me in his newpaper and would never buy it. The same about his TV show.