15 May 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Smell the Sulphur

One more webcomic created in April (the last one, cross my heart), but this time I have an excuse: it was made for the release week the release got delayed, so my webcomic too (but next week...)

[fedora webcomic: sulphur]

With my effort to translate it into Romanian I inflicted the translation pain of having to translate untranslatable expressions and play-on-words, which reminded me why I hate translations.

And 8-1=7:


  1. Translations can be tricky, check out this experiment.

    The first challenge is in Russian, but there is also another one in Romanian (see the bottom of the post).

    Regarding this comic issue, where is the culprit? I don't seem to find anything tricky there.

    Note: "care-i cu tine?" is probably "ce-i cu tine?"

  2. the tricky part: translate into Romanian "are you high?" in the context of someone flying... and the translation of "it may make you fly" as "iti dea aaaripi" was possible only with reference to the Red Bull commercials.

    Thanks for noticing my error, I stared with "care-i treaba [mo┼čule]" but continued with "ce-i cu tine"