18 September 2009


Is Friday afternoon, and I don't feel like working, not even writing the Design beat for FWN, where I think I will wait a couple more dayd to gather more content, so while thinking at the opportunities of taking photos in the next week-end at Bucharest Days I can continue my X/65535 mock project (I know we don't mind) with a second take, playing with a funny guy gift I received a couple of days ago (I blackened his shirt and draw a beard with a marker) and a small bottle of Ouzo brought by a co-worker who returned from a vacancy in Greece.

nicu's desktop


  1. Zi si ti holiday ca vacancy nu e taman cuvantul pe care il cauti :).
    Enjoy your Ouzo!

  2. That's quite strong...

    I've drunk it and also brought a bottle exactly like that to Brazil. :)

  3. @Diego: 40% is not that strong, is what you expect from a hard liquor. You should come to Romania and try some palinca :D

  4. Ah yeah. I meant the flavor/taste. :)

    BTW next time we meet, we should swap a bottle then. I will bring you a Cacha├ža from Brazil and you a Palinca to me. :D

  5. Definitely Diego, but we have to plan that in advance, since really good Palinca is made only in Transylvania