02 September 2009

Bringing Linux and Fedora into stardom... on the national television

Today was the day we went to the national television to record a Linux segment on a weekly IT show. It went quite well, both me and Lucian had to say basic but interesting stuff about what is Linux, what is a distro, freedom, applications and such.

With my netbook having a small display, I had to rely on Live media which let me down: the F11 Desktop spin put on a Live USB (together with some additional useful applications) crashed in the GUI with an I/O error. Forced reboot and it say is unable to find the kernel (WTF? back at the office and it works again, i can't post an shaming screen capture). Good thing it was just a recording, not live transmission and I also had LiveCDs on me... But with so little stuff installed on the CD, we showed more from Ubuntu. Well, this in not the end of the world, I will record some screencasts and supply them for lack of visual content (I have to convert those from Ogg Theora to h.264 MOV).

I have not checked my watch, but I believe we talked for more than one hour, which will be compacted probably in something like 4-7 minutes. When? Not sure about the day, but it will be aired on a Saturday from 10:30 in the morning, the Zon@ IT show on TVR2 (I don't have a tv tunner card, so if someone can record, please do...)

Now, next week filming probably a second segment, stay tuned...


  1. So, has anyone recorded that? I'd like to take a look too.

  2. It wasn't aired yet, they are filming in advance. I will make the needed noise at the right time.