14 September 2009

ONGFest 2009

The last week-end, the old city was the host of the first edition of ONGFest, a national festival for non-governmental organizations, so I went out to take photos, there and in the other places hosting events for Bucharest Day (550 years since the city was attested in writing by Vlad ČšepeČ™/The Impaler/Dracula himself).

I think it was fun: a lot of young people, music, dance, short plays, free hugs (by the "fairies from Bucegi Mountains"), rescue demos, so of course I took a ton of photos (which is till a problem for me, not having available an acceptable gallery solution.


I think it could have used the presence of a booth for FLOSS organisations (participation was gratis), maybe to the next edition we will have one, perhaps under the umbrella of the yet-to-be-announced-but-not-yet-I-promise-really-soon-now-Linux-and_FLOSS-NGO (nudge, nudge, wink, wink): the young people there can learn about FLOSS, the other NGOs can really benefit from using FLOSS, the press can take a hint and so on.


  1. Don't honk, I'm pedalling as fast as I can :)

  2. no problem, the next ONGFest is like one year away, it can't take *that* much :D

  3. hmm... noted... I'll bring the news to my FLOSS ONG (ROSEdu) and see if we'll go next year. This year at eLiberatica we had a booth for the Romanian FLOSS Teams. Maybe we'll do the same there