30 September 2009

pwn3d again

Yesterday was a full media day for me: after filming for television, in the evening I joined the boys from Ceata for an interview with a journalism student to be published in a student magazine, which is freely distributed in a few universities in Bucharest and Constanta (I think "Stud-Life" is the most unfortunate name for a student magazine, coming from someone who speak English even worse than me).

ceata interview

We talked about Linux, FLOSS, Ceata, other FLOSS organizations, events, projects and more, it was an interesting conversations. If you are interested, it is available under a CC-BY-SA license, so you can listen to our "podcast", but be aware is quite long, at about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

ceata interview

At the end, I gave to the reporter-to-be a Fedora 11 LiveCD, so she can try and see directly what Linux is about and one of the guys tried to help her with the BIOS settings for CD boot (Ceata's headquarters in in the university dorms, so her computer was a few rooms away). Unfortunately the BIOS was not cooperating, so she ended with an Ubuntu Live from him :p

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