29 September 2009


For the fifth FLOSS part filmed for the Romanian television the plan was to talk together with Bogdan Manolea about Creative Commons licenses, free culture and their impact on the internet. And unlike the other times, the TV crew was already on the field, instead of filming at their headquarters we decided to go to APTI office, Bogdan's headquarters.

Again, unlike the other times, when we had to wait even more than one hour for camera and sound settings, this time the crew got at the location about one hour in advance and started shooting. When I arrived there (10 minutes in advance to the scheduled time), they had less than 5 minutes of space available on the memory card, so I got so I got to add a couple of phrases which probably won't make the cut - the viewer will not enjoy my "I <3 fedora" T-shirt :p But no problem, Bogdan is the expert in CC, he is the lawyer who made the official translation and speaker at various events, so I am sure he covered well the subject. And my screencast will be used as background illustration, maybe together with a written piece. I found funny how after the filming ended and we were waiting for a car to pick us up (my office in close to the TV offices, so I arranged for a ride), I showed them the Copyright Isn't Theft video and talked about Nina Paley, which made them kick themselves for not having any space available (or the ability to delete something to get the space).

A different type of funny was the traffic incident in which their driver got involved and ended with a trip to the police station, so I had to say an early "bye" to the crew and return with the subway :D

The interesting part is the producers seems to be interested in more content from us, so if I manage to pitch an interesting topic, we will be filming again in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, for the moment I am out of topics, after talking about 1. Linux and distros, 2. general purpose applications, 3. games, 4. programming and 5. Free culture/CC. I am open to ideas and suggestions, but I need easy and generic topics, the audience is made from beginners, not hackers.


  1. You could speak of specific free culture projects, like openstreetmap ( added bonus of OSM : maps look nice, and allow you to show outdoor ).

    Another one would be about sister projects of wikipedia ( wiktionnay, wikinews, etc ), who are quite unkown of the public.

    You could try to speak of the various problem of non open format and interoperability, and drm, with a approach based on mp3 player ( ie not able to read your wma on the ipod, etc, etc ), without going in the technical details.

  2. Maybe a piece on Open Source Mashups, featuring places to find free content -- OCAL, CCMixter, Archive.org, etc. -- and some tools specific to constructing mash-ups -- GIMP, Audacity, Inkscape, Cinepaint, etc.