07 September 2009

Fear my camera... d'oh

So there was this big event with free entrance with concerts and stuff organized in a park by a beer brand of Danish origin. At the entrance a big poster informing you are not allowed with professional photo or video cameras, with drinks, food or plastic glasses from outside. And a full body search to ensure you comply.

I said to myself: D'oh! I wasted my time with that... but if I am here, let's try and see the reaction. A "specialist" looked at my gear (I had the zoom lenses mounted on my entry-level DSLR) and said: "is semi-pro, you can't go in".

OK, sure, whatever... imported Czech beer is better anyway, I forgot when I drank T***** last time...


  1. You should have put a Smena sticker on Canon :)

  2. LOL! I think I may have got away with the 50 mm lens, but that lens was not good for shooting there.