17 September 2009

Be smart? I think I can use some money, thanks!

Microsoft started a campaign called "Fii Destept" ("Be Smart") to promote buying computers with genuine Windows preinstalled (Romanians seems to prefer bare computers, without preinstalled operating system for the price). And they try to gather a number of bloggers with something looking pretty much like a company manufactured press release and the following challenge:

"So, provocarea noastra, parte a campaniei Microsoft in care este implicat FTW este: ce argumente ati oferi unui prieten pentru a-l convinge sa isi ia calculatorul cu sistemul de operare deja inclus?

P.S.: daca aduci argumente interesante, discutam cu cei de la Microsoft si iti oferim si un premiu ;)"
My translation:
"So, our challenge, part of the Microsoft campaign in which FTW is involved, is: which arguments would you give to a friend to get a computer with a preinstalled operating system?

P.S.: if you bring interesting arguments, we will talk with Microsoft and will offer a prize ;)"
Too bad I can't 1.) find anywhere a computer with Fedora preinstalled and 2.) understand where to submit my application, otherwise I would have my own take (their talk about a preinstalled OS in the promise, omitting to name it as Windows): I want a computer with Fedora preinstalled since it will get all the software I need for my day to day use, will spare at least 50$+VAT which I can put to better use and being preinstalled I can be sure the hardware is properly chosen. Now where can I collect my money? (hope the prize is not a windows license)

In the meantime I can enjoy the writings of a self called "urban princess" blogger girl (bloggeriță), part of this campaign, who explain how she have two computers: a laptop with preinstalled Windows and a desktop with a pirated one and how the first works perfectly and the second is a total mess. And her readers commenting how perfect is a preinstalled genuine Windows, which can be used even without an anti-virus. Yeah, do that, guys, like I need more spam sent by your boxes...

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