11 September 2009

Safety nets or the status of F12 artwork

The last weeks were supposed to bring blog posts about the evolution of the F12 artwork, those are even listed as scheduled tasks but instead we were very quiet after a start with a batch of very good graphics. Why? I think is because of the safety net: we know we can be lazy, if the things go bad, there is Mo who, as she did at every release since F8, will act as a safety net, losing some nights to put all the stuff together.

We are humans and is natural for us to get distracted with other things or, if our designs didn't make the initial selection, take our toys, go home and play alone for a while. Such things happen all the time. And I am not a moralist, being "guilty" myself - those days my main focus is on fixing my photography blog after a massive data loss and on going to TV shows.

But Mo is human too (I am pretty sure she is not a panda in disguise) and she can take only a certain amount of crap from us. And every release cycle it looks like we are pushing the limits with that amount of crap. A safety net has its own capacity and endurance. And there are tons of other design projects crying for attention.

What's the solution? I guess we should feel more responsible, see a potential failure of the artwork or artwork schedule as our failure, don't get so lazy and do more work. How to to that? I don't know...

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