30 September 2009

My own Windows 7 Party

I was amused too by the Windows 7 Party video, which made me think I must have my own event. How? I think I can delay a couple of weeks installing Fedora 12 Beta on the netbook, until October 22. Hopefully I can get some other geek friends needing a Linux install or upgrade (no matter which distro), get together, bring some booze and take photos. That must be a fun party.


  1. No-no, invite some would-be Windows 7 upgraders and demo KUbuntu or Ubuntu & compiz. Then watch their tiny little minds blow up as you tell them it isn't Windows.

  2. @Anonymous: I don't know no would-be Windows 7 upgraders, people seem happy with XP. And why show Ubuntu/KUbuntu when I can show Fedora instead?