07 September 2008

Day 2 photos

Speaking aboutphotos, I should start by thanking Gianluca for the gift (a flickr account upgrade so I can upload more photos). Thanks!

The most awesome thing for me yesterday was the chance to meet Martin, my kicking ass colleague from Fedora Art. He worked a bit on the Echo icon theme:


And then together with me keep a talk about our woork in front of a small but friendly audience:


At the end of the day we went to the bar for the "social event":

That was a good opportunity to see him in an embarrassing posture and shame him on the web, look at the picture above, he's not drinking beer but mineral water with lemon! I am almost to revoke his geek card (but he's enough of an uber-geek, studying advanced physics at the university and contributing to Fedora hardcore style, so I'll forgive him).

But enough with the talk, let's jump to the meaty photos (I don't have many from the social event as I like to take "candid" shots, something hard to do with a flash in a dark place).

PS: do you remember the nasty photographer? There are a few photos which are not included in the gallery, not because I am afraid of another flamewar, just because I dont's want people to think I do publicity stunts for PageRank and AdSense money, but the guys from my table can see them on my laptop.

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  1. On behalf of people that couldn't make it to FUDCon, a big THANKS for bringing FUDCon to us.
    Thank you!