01 September 2008


0As planned, I attended the Romanian FLOSSCamp, a nice offline summer escape in the mountains.

The weather was not our best ally, it was rainy and somewhat cold for this time of the year:

Rainy weather at FLOSSCamp Rain on a tent at FLOSSCamp

But we got a good friend in the fire (Open Source):
Campfire at FLOSSCamp Campfire at FLOSSCamp

And enough booze to keep us warm and happy:
Booze at FLOSSCamp

We were a bit over a dozen of guys participating in various projects (some of us never met before), like Grupul pentru Software Liber (believe me, that is written on their back):

The ubiquitous Mozilla and Firefox:
Mozilla at FLOSSCamp Firefox at FLOSSCamp

Ubuntu/Kiwi, Fedora (shame on me for not wearing a proper T-shirt) and Debian (shame on Andrei for the same):
Ubuntu at FLOSSCamp Fedora at FLOSSCamp

And beside the community thing, drink and fire, we also talked about FOSS: contribution and local promotion:

When leaving, we encountered a "Cheese and Ţuică(moonshine!!!) Fair" but due to lack of time had to hurry to the train station and spent very little time here:
Tuica and cheese Meat and alcohol

A lot of photos from those 3 days can be found in the Romanian Fedora community photo gallery (ask for hi-res versions).

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