02 September 2008

Going to FUDCon

[going to FUDCon]

The First Meet-up of the Art Team

As both Martin and me will be present, we probably will pompously claim the first meet-up of the Fedora Art Team (Mo suggested the title): probably the first time when two active members of the Art Team will be in the same room, so join us if you are interested, this will take place most likely Saturday and we plan to keep a session about Fedora Art (F-10 themes, Echo, Nodoka, Art Team in general).

Me and the hackfest

I plan to act as a mobile hackergotchi creation station: if you want a hew hackergotchi, look for me, I will take a photo and then gimp it. I also plan to work on an unnamed surprise (a special edition of something). What I won't do (due to uncooperative hardware, but I wish I could do) is take footage for an I am Fedora video.

Here is my almost ready gear (expect plenty of photos from me):
<My gear is almost ready for FUDCon

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