22 September 2008

The swan song of steampunk

No, I am not into some lame poetry, I just try to not fight losing battles...

The other day I thought that "Bucharest Days" (this miserable city we all love to hate has 549 years of attested history) is a good opportunity for a shooting session. While I was not that happy with what I found there, I did some photos with [what I consider to be] a "steampunk" feel, a good closure allowing me to go forward.

Photo gear Photo gear War stuff Antiques Irons Music player Old music player Old radio Music player Old telephone Old watches Oldies Oldies Old war stuff Oldies Bucuresci plate Old war stuff Oldies Old newspaper Oldies Old wrench Old stuff Ancient photo camera

Note: the set is larger, containing also medieval, traditional and modern stuff, the selection above is all about "steampunk".

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