10 September 2008

Prater, Vienna

Going back from the FUDCon, we (Adrian and me) had about one and a half hour to spend in Vienna and being in a boyish state of mind, what were we supposed to do? Stalk the passers? No, we found something else: visited the Prater amusement park.

Monday afternoon, some of the fares were closed and not many people were in the park, but we liked it:

Prater: Ferris Wheel Prater: Ferris Wheel Prater: Ferris Wheel Prater: top view Prater: the height Prater: top view Prater: Pony ride Prater: water ride Prater: ride Prater: horrors house Prater: posing with zombies Prater: spinning Prater: small wheel Prater: small wheel Prater: souvenir store

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