07 September 2008

Lesson learned about Tux

While my photos from Day 2 are uploading, here is a lesson I learnet at FUDCon in Brno: Tux is a real babe magnet and I have photos to prove it:

Tux as a babe magnet

To be honest, the girls in those photos are somewhat half-geek (one is the girlfriend of a geek and another the sister of another one) but I swear (sorry, no photos about that), last night in the tram when returning from the social event. a couple of completely stranger, non-geek, girls were totally checking-out the Tux hanging on my backpack.

(the photos are still uploading, everyone's online in the room...)


  1. Novell were giving away cuddly "geekos" at LUG Radio Live, and someone on the train was intrigued about it.

    I told them about Linux, gave them an OpenSuse DVD and gave them the toy :) (I don't use OpenSuse anyway)

  2. I had a 60cm big tux with me, but had an impression it only attracted gentlemen. I wonder if my tux is the opposite gender than yours?

  3. @lkundrak: I think your problem wasn't the size, which does not matter, it is all about how you use it :D