25 September 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: The Way of the Ninja

The other day I said I will not do a webcomic special for Fedora's birthday and just move this week issue one day in advance and today will go with a surprise instead.

Well, I changed my mind and have to postpone the surprise one more day: being not very happy with the joke and having a [I think] better one, I decided to have today the regular webcomic: this time funnier (IMO), anchored in reality, more elaborated (two new characters) and more violent (so if you can stand some blood in a webcomic, stop reading RIGHT NOW). Of course, nothing is perfect, the downside it that this new one is also "more niche", so it may need background info, otherwise generating only a blank stare. But enough...

[fedora webcomic: the way of the ninja]


  1. I think the obvious allusion to "past events" is a bit strong ... Well designed, like the others you've done in the past, but I didn't like the content this time...


  2. Marco, I expected some will not like that, pondered a bit and went forward. I think this is a risk one have to bear, others have enjoyed it - you can't make everyone happy.