09 September 2008

Day 3 photos

Yesterday was travelling day for me (expect some photos from Prater, Vienna), so the bulk of photos from FUDCon Day 3 are a bit late...

First I want to thank Max, I was in doubt and he ultimately convinced me to go to Brno, for what it was a wonderful experience. Max, you are great!

Max and GDK at fudcon

I didn't took many photos at the conference, as it was all the same as in the previous days, maybe a bit quiet and with less people:

fudcon fudcon

After that, a group of us walked around the city (taking lots of photos):

fudcon fudcon

And ended, of course, in a pub, for the real conclusion of the FUDCon:


So, here is a centralisation of my photos:


  1. Yes, Budweiser, the Czech kind of Budweiser.

    We also had "Kozel Cerny" (a dark beer), "Svijany Plzen Pegas" and some other brands.