26 September 2008

Inkscape howto: Drawing the webcomic titles

So the time for the so called "surprise" is now: a basic tutorial about how I do and how I should do the cartoon titles for my Fedora Weekly Webcomic (the tutorial is structured in two parts).

I had it in mind for a ling time and used it as a backup option in the case I have to give a public talk about FLOSS graphics and I don't have anything better to talk about. Time passed, I have not used it and no other talk is planned any time soon so probably it is a good idea to put it out now. Which may be useful from another point of view: there are rumours about some possible "competing" webcomics based on my building blocks, so leveling the playing field more should be good for everyone.

This is the end result (again, presented in two ways, both with an identical result) of the tutorial:

[webcomic cartoon title with inkscape

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  1. Great post, Nicu.

    When I'm doing outsets I choose Linked Offset, which is something like a Clone: If you change the text, it changes too.